What do we do?

Meet the Team



  Steve is a retired Army Officer with over 30+ years of experience. As a Senior Leader, Strategic Planner, Instructor, Operations, Project and Program Manager he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge that spans operations executed globally. After his retirement, he spent a couple of years as a Senior Program Manager for a multi-billion dollar company but then chose to walk his own path and founded Florida Command Investments & Consulting LLC in January 2019. As a Licensed Florida Realtor and Real Estate Investor he is dedicated to finding opportunities for investment growth through the identification, acquisition, rental and sales of affordable single and multi-family housing on Florida’s Central Gulf Coast. As a fellow veteran, he is committed to serving the Military community and strives to ensure everyone he meets is treated with the respect and dignity ingrained in him throughout his military career. Steve’s commitment to finding a win win situation in every deal is helping to take Florida Command Investments & Consulting LLC to new heights!,



  Cathy has spent a lifetime serving and helping others. Her Bachelors in Communications and Masters in International Development prepared her well as a manager and instructor serving the Emergency Services community and later as a licensed realtor. As a newly minted Realtor serving the Clarksville, TN area she quickly rose to become a top producer within her brokerage firm surpassing many with much more years of experience. Cathy now serves as a critical part of the Florida Command Investments and Consulting Team handling lead generation and daily operations. Her attention to detail ensures all documentation involved with the company is accurate, correct and up to date. She is dedicated to providing the highest standards of service to all she works with and is never afraid to tackle a tough project. 

About Us

Experience and Determination



Although we are relatively new in the industry, we have 30+ years of proven experience working with people in all walks of life across several industries globally.  Our ability to plan, execute and manage operations, projects and multi-million dollar programs have served us well in our transition to the Real Estate industry. We understand the challenges and welcome each and every one with only one goal in mind, success. We are your problem solvers and it is our job to find you a solution that works! 

Creativity at Its Best



It’s said that necessity is the mother of all invention. We believe that creativity is a window to unlimited opportunities! When buying, selling or renting a home we choose not to do what everyone else does but to do what gets the deal done! Seller financing, lease options, “subject to,” wraparound mortgages, private lending…there is a whole world of creative ideas that just take some imagination and determination. Instead of thinking “inside the box,” we simply don’t believe the box exists! Let us help you create solutions that work for your housing needs. 

Florida Command Investments & Consulting LLC Cares



We are committed to giving back to our community through volunteer programs or donating funds to non-profit organizations that support the Military, Veteran and local communities. Our founder is currently the Vice President for the Pinellas Chapter Veteran’s Association of Real Estate Professionals (VAREP) which is a non-profit organization focusing on supporting the housing needs for current US service members, veterans and low income families. We also support our local school in their efforts to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education by volunteering as advisors for the Technological Student Association (TSA) program. We are committed to help our local neighborhood grow and build a better life for our communities.